“Real” Gaming on Android/Mobile

There is no singular definition of real gaming. That being said there are a few things that tend to differentiate what most think of as a PC or console experience from a mobile one. The 3 things that tend to differentiate are Free 2 Play, Micro transactions and amount of content. While there is clearly a blurring of the lines these days there is still a clear delineation between the two experiences that most people can see and point to. So with that defined I’m on a quest to find the best experiences on Android that replicate that full game experience. Lets get started with my first pick.


by Phosphor Games StudioImage result for horn game

This game is an oldie but a goody. Released back in August 2012 for iOS and Android it is inspired by the likes of Zelda, Infinity Blade and Fable. This was one of the earliest games to use the Unreal Engine when it was ported for mobile. Continue reading ““Real” Gaming on Android/Mobile”

Spank It! Deathspank still on the way!

Just wanted to write a short post and remind every one that Deathspank still looks amazing and still has me very excited. I might even be able to pull my self away from Battlefield Bad Company 2 long enough to give it a good play through. Some interesting developments is that Gamespot is listing it as canceled for the PC and only for Xbox 360 and PS3. Diablo meets Monkey Island can’t possibly go wrong. No word yet on multiplayer, co-op or any sort of online elements. Do you really need all that fluff when it sports a huge number of customizable equipment…yes. Regardless the game looks beautiful and buttery smooth. Excited!

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